For anyone who didn't get the limited edition box set, anyone who doesn't own a CD player or anyone who'd simply like to hear our latest album in full quality, you can choose any or all of the following three options:
	Light of the Fearless at 24bit / 48KHz WAV
	Shadow of the Fearless at 24bit / 48KHz WAV
	Light of the Fearless, mastered at Abbey Road Studios and mixed in 5.1 Surround in both Dolby Digital and WAV formats (Instructions on how to play this surround file are included in a readme file)
If you look at our thoroughly geeky diagram in the pictures, you'll see that 24bit/48KHz gives you more than 50% more dynamic range than CD quality. PHWOARRRR!
If you're not interested in any of that techie guff stuff or your ears aren't as good as they used to be, you can also just buy the USB stick on its own.
This beautiful and charismatic 8Gb USB stick comes in a delightful presentation tin that you can re-use to keep drawing pins, nails or hair clips in forever more.
For those buying all three options, the Hybrid USB stick will come with a signed note from Mike and Lottie.
**Oh, and remember to check the care instructions before you buy**

Hybrid USB - Load it with one of the choices below

  • When you get your USB home, remember to keep him warm.  A bit like a gremlin, he's not good with water so remember not to give him drinks or baths.  Don't be frustrated if your USB doesn't grow any bigger.  He's reached his full size but you can keep using him for all kinds of different things aside from music but he likes music the most, the higher quality the better. Good luck and keep him safe.


Coming soon ... Hybrid branded hamster blankets

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